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We are Connecting Investors with Investment opportunities in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a developing country with huge opportunities for economic growth. Research from McKinsey shows that Indonesia will become the 7th largest economy in 2030. With 260 million citizens and rich in natural resources, Indonesia offers substantial opportunities to foreign investors.

In our opinion, few people acknowledge the potential or know how to invest in Indonesia, and this is where INDOINVESTORS plays a role, helping investors find assets across industries through our vast network.

Ir. Enry Kastono


Ir. Enry Kastono has over 30 years of experience in the real estate field. He is an experienced professional, responsible for the preparation of all the firm’s valuation and professional services assignments. He has advised on valuations of major projects all over Indonesia. He covers all the major sector including residential, commercial, retail, industrial, hospitality and leisure.

Kidang Emir

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Emir started his career as a Banker at Citibank before moving to HSBC. In 2018 he co founded Indoinvestors, with a vision to improve connectivity between investors and investment opportunities in Indonesia , particularly as economic growth accelerates and attracts more foreign capital. Emir holds a Bachelor in Economics from Parahyangan Catholic University.

Putra Fajar Nugraha

Chief Commercial Officer

Our CCO has a broad experience within the Indonesian business community, with 8 years of management exposure across Commercial, Legal, and Human Capital. Having worked for some of Indonesia’s largest businesses, Putra’s network with key stakeholders is vitally important and impactful, as is his expertise within the field of Commerical Law. He is quick to see the business opportunity even for small or start up companies.

Fajar believes the success of a company is highly dependent on the synergies amongst employees.

Alvita Seda

Head of Business Development

Alvita holds a Master Degree in Management, majoring in Finance at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. With her experiences in marketing, public relations, and communications, she will provide solutions for Indoinvestors portofolio and consult throughout the business expansion process.

Indoinvestors connects investors with investment opportunities in Indonesia. Our portfolio of available-for-purchase assets includes factories, land, hotels, and residential property, infrastructure, agriculture, plantations and other various businesses across many sectors. We seek to be the first point of call for international investors when they look to invest in Indonesia. We also strongly believe that a more centralised asset-listing company, such as Indoinvestors, will vastly simplify the transaction process and in turn accelerate investment into the country, bringing clear benefits to local communities and the broader society.

We seek to safe-guard our long-tern relationships with key stakeholders which include international investors, local entrepreneurs, local communities and the government. Accordingly, our most important value is trust and integrity as we strive to provide the best service to all we do business with.

We centralise available for sale assets in Indonesia and provide information on how to invest. We take you to view the property and help in the negotiation process, take care of documents & complete data and legal affairs in Indonesia. Indoinvestors hear & understand your needs and find what you need.

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