BALI BAMBOO straws available direct from farmer (premium finish and re-usable)

Our supplier has capacity

for 100k straws every month.

$ 0 per 5 bamboo straw with shipping and logistics costs

BALI BAMBOO straws available direct from farmer (premium finish and re-usable)

Price : 2500 rupiah per straw with custom logo ($0.17) with shipping and logistics costs to Europe paid by supplier. 

Volume: Our supplier has capacity for 100k straws every month. Minimum commitment is 50k per month for 12 months

Our supplier also has the ability to mass produce other utensils as the EU broadens it’s ban on single use plastics.


In March 2019 the Parliament of the European Union voted in favor of banning ‘single use’ plastic straws as well as single use cutlery, stirrers and plates. Many believe this is the first step towards banning all single use plastics entirely. These changes in regulation will be enforced by 2021 and will dramatically impact the utensils procurement processes of many leading multinational food retail businesses  such as McDonalds, Starbucks and many other smaller business in the F&B industry.
Clearly, the environmental impact of single use plastics is far reaching and has grown exponentially alongside our developing global economy, but the impact on marine ecosystems stands out as being most severe and in need of immediate action.  Around 80% of marine litter is plastic and the products covered by the new law constitute 70% of all marine litter items. The EU has taken the lead in enforcing environmental change and we hope this influences other leading countries to do the same, particularly countries with a fast growing consumer sector.
The reduced use of plastics creates a big void that another less environmentally damaging material must , and Bamboo certainly offers a number of very promising traits. Without question the replacement material should be biodegradable and Bamboo certainly does degrade although not particularly quickly. However, Bamboo is HIGHLY attractive relative to substitute products (Paper and Steel) due to the fact that it is recyclable and can be produced relatively economically.
Indonesia is rich with Bamboo and INDOINVESTORS works closely with several local farmers in both Bali and Java. We have access to over 100 tons of annual Bamboo capacity – perfect for straws and also applicable to other utensils -  so please get in contact with us to discuss further at


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