App based Motorbike/Van Rental Startup Looking For Around $500K

$ 500.000 (Funding Needed)

App based Motorbike/Van Rental Startup Looking For Around $500K

Summary : Fast growing Motorbike/Van rental app in need of growth capital
Project Type : Start Up
Funding Needed : $500K
Use of Capital : Product development, marketing plan, and market expansion
Equity Stake : Negotiable

The Problem
We believe there is a gap in the Indonesian travel & rental industry. There are many third party vendors in the Motorbike and Van rental industry, but they remain unconnected and so consumers are unable to compare between them. In Indonesia, online travel agencies often don't have stock of the actual product, and Rentalio seeks to solve for this problem. 
We believe that tourists across Indonesia fundamentally desire the ability to explore and are heavily dependent on Bikes and Vans to achieve this. These are not point A to point B trips fulfilled by GoJek or Grab, these are longer distance, multiple stop trips over multiple days (often hired for the entire duration of a holiday) which can give them the freedom to explore.

The current rental market is still running conventionally with many steps and lots of hassle and a lack of transparency. Complexity and trust are the problems that often occur with rentals. Renters needs rental services that are easier and simpler.

The Solution
Rentalio has created a platform Connecting between, scooter, cars or any kind of vehicle to people who need it in one single app. We provide the simplest booking platform to get a ride. People can access any kind of vehicle anytime & anywhere without hassle. By using our app, renter can say goodbye to all hassle on an old conventional rental process. 
And for the rental company, we provide a platform, tools, & solution to help them scale up their business, reach a broader market and simplify order management (Payment,scheduling, reservation, etc)

The Market Opportunity
Based on a recent survey, the market for rental businesses in Indonesia is worth around 2.5 billion USD.  22% of this market is controlled by large rental companies that may have thousands of vehicles. Meanwhile the biggest portion of the cake, which is 78%, is shared by smaller conventional, family owned rental companies. This 78% of the market is what we want to target by digitizing their systems and processes through our application.

We started the business in Bali, Indonesia because Bali is the most visited island in the country, growing at over 11% per year. In total, Bali approximately has 15 million visitors, both from domestic and international.

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