Logistic Start-up looking for funding

$ 570.000 / IDR 8 Billion

Summary :  Logistics Start-up looking for funding
Project Type : Start Up
Funding Needed : IDR 8 Billion/USD 570K
Use of Capital : Product & team development, marketing.
Equity Stake : 10% of Shares 

The Problem
Logistics remains an under developed industry within Indonesia and participants face  numerous challenges. There are so many steps that the customers must go through to make an order. They need to list all the potential vendors, check their availability, do the negotiation for payment terms, and wait for the quotation before choosing the right vendor. With all the steps, there will be no delivery time waranty for the order to be delivered on time and there may be additional costs during the process. It’s a very long and tiring process, so we offer you a solution for that.

The Solution
We have provided a one stop solution by creating a logistics ecosystem. We manage the process from start to finish by dealing with all the vendors until  your order is delivered to your door step.

We offer a fixed price, cash-on-delivery agreement, with fully insured goods, negotiable terms of payment, and also real-time delivery tracking. We provide many kind of delivery services, such as intracity, intercity, crossing city, and long haul.

We believe that we can help our customer’s businesses by reducing their costs and freeing up their time.

The Market Opportunity
Forecast for total Indonesia Retail Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) in 2021 will reach IDR 991 Billion. These retail sales exclude auto and auto parts, sales of petrol, restaurant, hotel, and foodservice sales. Forecast for total Indonesia online retail GMV in 2021 will reach the amount IDR 116 Billion. While the serviceable obtainable market contribution from active and sizeable merchants has amount IDR 58 Billion. 
In 2020, we are targeting to reach IDR 12 Billion revenue from this serviceable obtainable market. In order to achieve this, the company is looking for additional investment and new equity partners.

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