A Waste-to-Energy Company looking for $3mn in Tabanan Bali

$ 2.867.571

Summary : A Waste-to-Energy Company looking for $3mn in Tabanan Bali

Project Type : Renewable Energy

Funding Needed : USD 2,867,571

Use of Capital : OPEX

Equity Stake : Negotiatable

Project Summary 

Our Company has secured permits to operate a Waste-to-Energy plant to be located in Tabanan, Bali. With circa 500 tons of waste per day, this plant will produce 10 MW. Waste-to-energy projects in Indonesia are prioritized by the Presidential Decree No. 35/2018 which targets the Acceleration of Waste Processing into Energy. The electricity will then be purchased by and supplied directly to PT. PLN, the state electricity company. All technology and engineering will be done by a German EPC company who has already undertaken Feasibility Study and commenced construction.

 Waste-to-energy uses trash as a fuel for generating power, just as other power plants use coal, oil, or natural gas. The burning fuel heats water into steam that drives a turbine to create electricity. 

 The process reduces community's landfill volume by up to 90 percent, and prevents one ton of carbon dioxide release for every ton of waste burned. 

Already Signed Mou with Tabanan Bali Government

Income per Year is estimated to be  $ 11,534,400 (13.35 cents/kwh) (10,000 x24 x 360 x 0.1335), operating costs and other information is available upon request.

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