$ 22.500.000

The project..

Project Location 

Way Semaka Mini-Hydro Power Project 10 MW, (PLTM Way Semaka) is located in West Lampung Regency, Lampung Province of Sumatera Island, about 240 km and 4-hour drive from the provincial capital of Bandar Lampung. 

Permit status:

Key Advantages of the Project 

- Very good site access with good access and only short access road at thend to be built. 

- High Capacity Factor of 80% with verified hydrology (Downstream project is PLTA 59 MW Semangka under construction) 

- 100% of the project is located in Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan (TNBBS). No habitation at project area making construction stage easier. 

- Land Use permit for 26.4 Ha compared to 5-10 Ha acquired by most projects. 

- BPP at Lampung is 1039 IDR and lower than national average of 1119 BPP. Hence, tariff is set on Business to Business (negotiation). 

-Moderate Topography and Flat Area for Power House location making construction relatively easy. 

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