First mover in Battery Energy Storage looking for $5m to expand production facilities

$ 5.000.000

We are now working with an early mover within the Indonesian battery storage industry. The business has started by targeting property developers, where they offer a bundle including a solar panel + battery. They have teamed up with a local property developer which is building a ‘sustainable life-style’ resort with 30 villas equipped with solar panels and battery packs. They have committed to purchase 8 units until the end of the year, and more as the project progresses. They are also in talks with other several customers, including a telecommunications tower contractor with around 3000 towers in Papua, as well as the Indonesian military which is enquiring about creating self- sustaining barracks.


Operational progress-

The R & D is progressing, they’re approaching the second prototype with a newer battery cell from LG and a better cooling system  which is very important, especially for tropical climates like in Indonesia (most overseas energy storage product does not designed for tropical climate - they don't have or use sufficient cooling system)


Manufacturing is already planned. With manufacturing plan on hands, from component supplier, production machine supplier, tooling, quality system etc. They have also formed a Partnership with LG Chem for latest battery cell technology.


Currently building up initial demand with paid seminars all around major cities in Indonesia (before the pandemic), building a network of freelance marketers and recently refocusing efforts to property developer market.


They have opened up communication with the government, specifically with the ministry of industries, national standardization bureau , government testing institution, power plant operator and more in the process.


One of the first movers in this area - first local company to develop large capacity energy storage platforms, first to create public awareness, first to implement a use case to create an initial market.