Leading Fertiliser business looking to expand capacity - $12m needed

$ 12.000.000

Project Type: Agriculture

Funding required: Circa $ 12 Million USD

Use of Fund: CAPEX for expansion

Funding Type: Equity, Profit Sharing or Debt (Negoitable)


The company was founded in 2004 and has several business segments including:

·Organic fertilizer and liquid Organic fertilizer

·Pesticide, Herbicide, Organic Fungicide

·Soil cleaning fertilizer: Dolomit dan Kaptan

·Agriculture Advisory

The company has a large existing contract with a State Owned Enterprise to supply Organic Fertilizer, where the client has a long history of order stability and on-time payment. The business's existing production capacity is 500 Ton/Month but their client now has needs for over 4000 ton/month, and they are willing to provide volume assurance for a duration of time. To increase capacity the company needs funding of around $12 Million USD exclusively used for CAPEX. Based on the current fertilizer price, the estimated payback period of this investment would be around 5 years.

The company is open to equity investment, debt or mezzanine financing. For detailed Financial Projections and a Full Proposal for Use of Funds, please contact us.