Tanibox, an Indoinvestors partner, recently secured funding for their Farm Management Services known as ‘Kultiva’

Admin   |    11 March 2020

Indonesia’s large and growing consumer population has created challenges in finding sufficient supply in key products like corn. At present the country remains a net importer of many agricultural products despite having fertile lands.


In response to this, Tanibox created a Farm Management Solution to make better use of unused fertile land. The problem in Indonesia is that many land owners dont know how to farm yet could earn a good financial return by doing so on unused land. Tanibox’s vision is to solve the problem through their simple yet effective technology and by forming partnerships with land owners.


With funding now secured, Tanibox is expanding across Cirebon and is focusing predominantly on Corn farming. The plan is to scale up the business in West Java and then to move onto other regions. Indoinvestors will continue to work closely with them as they reach this new and exciting growth phase!